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Mary Poppins and mistaken identity.....

So my cousin Keila was visiting from Michigan and had never been underwater before and had no clue how to swim. I showed up (not knowing this information) with my housing in tow and a giant cooler bag I use as a rinse tank. She took one look at the bag and slowly whispered to my cousin, 'Is that Mary Poppins?' Suuuuuper cute, she was really intimated by the water at first, but wanted to impress Mary Poppins, her hero, so she tried her best to pop underwater for me. This photo was her first time putting her head in the water, after that she couldn't stop. By the end of the day, she was swimming between me and my other cousins, it was really a magical experience, I felt honored to have been apart of this, (being an only child, seeing someone swim for the first time is something I'm not really accustomed to). I sent her some stuffed penguins afterward and she still asks about Mary Poppins all the time. So, so cute!!!!

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