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Lembeh HERE I GO!!!

SO I am insanely excited. Like, at serious risk of a possible head explosion-situation, in TWO WEEKS time not only did I place in the Photo District News Great Outdoors contest, but I also won FIRST-FREAKING PLACE in the wide angle category for the *deeep breath Florida Skin Divers 2016 Florida State UW Photo & Video Championships....I honestly thought I might win a $25 gift card and a book, and when they didn't announce my name as an honorable mention, I started to think, 'oh, well that was a nice try at least....'. You can only imagine how freaked I was when they said I took first place, and a trip to LEMBEH, INDO, somewhere I never thought I could afford to see in this lifetime, was the cherry on top of an already delicious cake. Seriously, I am still freaking out!!!!! THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!! I didn't know I had it in me, this year will be hard to beat, for real for real for real :)

Me and Heidi Throicht in excitment solidarity

The winning pic from the Dry Tortugas

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