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An Aquarium in your Bedroom :)

This year has been an absolute blessing. Two years in the making, I've been creating, printing, and working hard to find the very best in all I do, and now we're getting somewhere. This year I started doing sidewalk art shows, meeting tons of ocean lovers, and it's been the best job I could possibly think of. Finding an amazing printer has been a huge, huge advantage. I'll print on anything, but aluminum is my favorite, and as my printer puts it: 'Our metal prints are true aqueous ink prints. Yet, most today are dye sublimation prints. Dye-sub prints are made by way of a transfer medium that's run through the printer, and is then pressed on to the metal substrate with a heat press. It's like an iron on t-shirt. In short, aqueous inks are more stable and archival than dye inks, and by printing directly to the surface of the metal, we believe our prints have finer texture and detail.' I'm so excited to be where I am right now, and want to say thank you to everyone along the way who has chosen my work on their walls. We offer custom sizes and free local installation in the SWFL area, I hope everyone can find a little space to bring the ocean inside. xoxo-Katy

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